Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard:
Collaboration and Decisive Action to Advance
Economic Prosperity and Quality of Life

Achieve World Class Resident and Visitor Transportation
Establish Top Regional Entrepreneurial System for Incubation, Development and Funding - Ideas to Market
Develop Cutting-edge, Objective Research to Anticipate and Define Challenges and Opportunities of the Future
Implement Regional Leadership Programs for Central Florida’s Future
Identify and Promote Policies that Support Regional Success; and Identify and Remove Policy Barriers to Regional Success
Achieve Robust Investor Commitment and Satisfaction; with Compliant and Responsive Fiscal Systems; and Great Tools and Talents


"Over four million more people are projected to move into Central Florida in the coming years. This will create a serious strain on our infrastructure and regional services and threaten our great quality of life unless we take decisive
action now."

Kelley Mossburg
Main Street Advisory, LLC