Turning the Page

Questions and Answers

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Q1. What is "Turning the Page"?

"Turning the Page" is the process utilized by the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Partnership to build on success by renewing its roster of regional priorities and responding to the call for a new round of decisive actions for the coming years. Revisiting priorities has been an important part of the Partnership's discipline since it was formed.

Q2. What is the Central Florida Partnership's Leadership Council?

The Central Florida Partnership's Leadership Council has been formed to help the Board gather insights and data from a wide range of organizations. Using a Council made up of regional leaders, the Board intends to move forward with the following values in mind:

  • Speed
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Early leader engagement for long-term ownership
  • Ever-evolving diversity of participation, perspectives, and ideas
  • Connections between and among all moving parts of the Partnership
  • Sound execution in existing projects and priorities as we move forward

Alex Martins, President of the Orlando Magic, will serve as Chair of the Council. The Council will set expectations regarding milestones and empowering leaders and organizations to respond to the Council's Requests for Insights.

Q3. What is the Central Florida Partnership?

The Central Florida Partnership is a collaborative of business and civic leaders committed to procuring a better tomorrow for Central Florida's seven counties - Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia. We are thoughtful leaders united by a single, guiding principle - that we have both the power and the responsibility to make change happen. Working together, through four lines of business - Orlando, Inc. (Regional Entrepreneurship), BusinessForce (Regional Public Policy Advocacy), myregion.org (Regional Research & Resolves) and Leadership Orlando (Regional Leadership) - the Central Florida Partnership is moving "Ideas to Results."

For more information on the Central Florida Partnership and its "lines of business" go to http://www.centralfloridapartnership.org/

Q4. Why is this work being done now?

There has been a decisive call for the Partnership to build on success by establishing a new round of clear priorities and actions for the coming years. Establishing clear priorities allows the Partnership to focus precious resources on what matters most.

A summer of discussions (2012) among leaders, committees, and "lines of business" boards made it clear that leaders are calling for a new round of decisive actions from the Partnership and its network of Civic Partners. The partnership has tackled some of the toughest challenges facing the Region and continues the commitment that was made at formation: listen to leaders, make data-driven decisions, set decisive priorities, unite the Region's leaders for action, move forward, and measure.

Q5. Who is leading the "Turning the Page" process?

The Board of the Central Florida Partnership has launched this work and will ultimately be accountable for making policy decisions about regional priorities. The Board has formed a Leadership Council, Chaired by Alex Martins, to coordinate and guide the process. The Partnership Chair, Aaron Gorovitz, and Immediate Past Chair, Jeff Jonasen, serve on the Council.

Q6. Who is serving on the Leadership Council?

The Leadership Council is composed of the following regional leaders:

Alex Martins, President, Orlando Magic (Chair of the Leadership Council for "Turning the Page")

Waymon Armstrong, CEO, Engineering & Computer Simulations

Mark Brewer, President/CEO, Community Foundation of Central Florida, Inc.

Michelle Chandler, Principal, SchenkelShultz Architecture

Pat Engfer, General Manager, Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport

Aaron Gorovitz, Shareholder, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A. (Chair of the Central Florida Partnership)

Jeffery Q. Jonasen, Partner, Perez, Bruce & Jonasen LLP (Immediate Past Chair of the Central Florida Partnership)

Ed Timberlake, Chairman, Central Florida Board, Seaside National Bank & Trust

Erin Wallace, Executive Vice President, Operations Integration, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

George Walton, Vice President/Area Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Q7. For the purpose of "Turning the Page" what does the region encompass?

The Central Florida Partnership includes the following counties:

Brevard County, Lake County, Orange County, Osceola County, Polk County, Seminole County, and Volusia County

The gross regional product of this region (2011) is $132,004,101,567 and its population (2012) is 3,875,105 (Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. EMSI. N/d. Web. 19 December 2012.).

The Partnership also works closely with the Tampa Bay Region on issues and opportunities that are "super-regional" in nature. This Super Region boasts a population of over 7.5 million people (Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. EMSI. N/d. Web. 19 December 2012.).

Q8. How do "Lines of Business" of the Central Florida Partnership get involved?

The Leadership Council will be reaching out to all "lines of business" with Requests for Insights during the month of January. The "lines of business", including Leadership Orlando, BusinessForce, myregion.org, and Orlando Inc., will take on questions about priorities pursuant to their own business cultures and processes. Many other committees, initiatives, and councils will be asked for insights as well, including the Central Florida Congress of Regional Leaders, Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC), and a conference committee called "3+3+3".

Q9. Are other Community Partners Involved?

Community Partners are a vital part of this work. A jump-starter chart of organizations the Council intends to contact is published here. At every step of the process, the Council will seek to expand its Requests for Insights to more and more leaders, and refresh this portal to that end.

Q10. What milestones are involved?

The Council will be working in four general stages: formative discussions (4th quarter of 2012); requesting and gathering insights (1st and part of 2nd quarter 2013) and offering results to the Board in the form of a prospectus; true-ups and additional research, as required, based on Board workshop(s) (late spring and early summer 2013); and supporting the Board as they take "ideas-to-results". The Council will also update the full Board in regularly-scheduled sessions starting in November 2012. Council updates serve as a simple progress report and are posted in this portal here.

Q11. Have Regional Priorities been used by the Central Florida Partnership in the past?

Regional priorities have been utilized by the Central Florida Partnership since it was formed about four (4) years ago. They have included:

Accomplishments & Accolades

Amendment Four ("Vote No on Four")
Amway Center (Project Hometown)
Direct-Elected School Board Chairman
High Speed Rail for Florida
University of Central Florida College of Medicine
University of South Florida Polytechnic*


Aerospace Research & Development*
Business Innovation & Growth
Canaveral Port Authority* (Florida Ports Council)
Project Hometown
Wekiva Parkway

Research & Resolves

Connecting for Global Competitiveness: Florida's Super Region*
Developing a Regional Water Strategy for Central Florida
Open for Business: The Central Florida Coalition for Growth and Prosperity
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)

Awareness & Support

Hospitality, Tourism & Conventions
Level One Trauma Center
Medical City at Lake Nona
Modeling, Simulation & Training (MS&T)

*Advanced as a joint initiative of the Central Florida Partnership, Tampa Bay Partnership, Bay Area Legislative Delegation (BALD), and Central Florida Legislative Delegation.

Q12. How do I keep up with "Turning the Page"?

This portal is designed as a single, destination for organizations and individuals who want to learn more and remain current. Key updates will include the posting of responses to Requests for Insights, session notes from Council meetings, Council status updates to the Central Florida Partnership's Board, and milestone timelines or calendars.

Q13. Were there any Preliminary Expectations or Suggestions when "Turning the Page" was launched?

There were no expectations on priorities, but some proven standards of behavior and infrastructure were highlighted. They included:

  • Ensuring actions are driven by sound research and data as the Partnership looks to the months and years of work ahead. This has been a big part of the Partnership's success thus far.
  • Promoting continued alignment and allocation of work across the partnership to the highest possible outcomes.
  • Ensuring a robust regional platform for sharing, collaboration and success
  • Ensuring readiness and capacity regarding times when the Partnership is called on, sometimes on short notice, for national, state and regional guidance and collaboration