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On the Road Again - Leadership Orlando Travels to Brevard County
Monday, February 11, 2013 11:00 am

Just weeks ago, we experienced the 'peaceful transfer of power' in Washington, D. C. with the Presidential Inauguration. At the last Leadership Orlando session, Class Chair Adrian Jones referenced a new transition initiative called "Turning the Page" for which the input of Class Members is essential in identifying new strategic regional priorities for the Central Florida Partnership. And, one of our region's most high-profile assets in Brevard County is experiencing its own reformation as it determines its future role in the nation's space program.

The Leadership Orlando session on Thursday, February 7, focused on transition and transformation as well. Beginning our day, Adrian Jones, General Manager of LEGOLAND Florida, led a discussion on the regional priorities that have been advanced as part of the Leadership Orlando Class 84 curriculum since September 2012.

Working with Steve Genoway, our consultant at Fairfield Index, Inc., participants evaluated the effectiveness of the Partnership in accomplishing these priorities and looked ahead to determine what's next. Similar conversations are being held with board members and volunteer leaders across the Central Florida Partnership's Lines of Business. In addition, a series of similar "Brainstorming Sessions" will be held with community leaders during the last week of March, designed to identify new regional priorities that will guide our collective work in the months and years ahead.

Leadership Orlando Leadership Orlando
Leadership Orlando Leadership Orlando


The Leadership Orlando class then traveled to Brevard County for an update on the Aerospace industry, specifically the future of the NASA-Kennedy Space Center, hearing from Trey Carlson, Master Planner at KSC. A private sector perspective was provided by Chris Wrenn, Director – Orlando Region for The Pizzuti Companies, on its development of Exploration Park at the Kennedy Space Center, a compelling site for all who seek to improve our lives on earth through scientific inquiry, technological innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Leadership Orlando Leadership Orlando
Leadership Orlando Leadership Orlando


Class members then participated in some exciting team-building experiences themed around the Space Program. The Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) provided participants with the opportunity to be Astronauts-for-a-Day as part of Mission Control and Orbiter Crews. With personal access to the Multi-Axis Trainer which simulates the disorientation of a tumble spin reentry into the earth's atmosphere, these trainees got a small taste of what it takes to be a member of the Astronaut Corps. Teams also built their own 'Mars Landers' and competed to accurately land an egg in the target area without breaking it, utilizing a variety of supplies that included plastic cups, balloons, etc. Most 'out-of-the-box' design was offered by the Rapunzel team.

Leadership Orlando Leadership Orlando
Leadership Orlando Leadership Orlando

.Click here to view more photos from this event.

If you have been looking for the "right" time and have the "right stuff" to participate in Leadership Orlando, or know someone does, now is indeed the perfect time to be a part of America's largest Community Leadership program, Leadership Orlando. Preparing for the future of our region is up to each of us. Now is the time to learn about the issues, participate in the difficult conversations and help in guiding our future.

Class 85 begins in March and is filling up quickly, with Steve Hogan, CEO of Florida Citrus Sports, serving as Class Chair. The online enrollment form and the full schedule may be accessed at Should you have questions, contact Kathy Panter at 407.835.2499 or via email at

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Developing regional leaders is important to the future success of the Central Florida Region. That is why "Regional Leadership" is a primary line of business for the Central Florida Partnership. With over thirty years of proven success, Leadership Orlando, America's largest "Community Leadership Program," continues to recruit, cultivate and encourage emerging leaders to better serve the Central Florida Region.

Working together with Orlando, Inc., (Regional Entrepreneurship), BusinessForce (Public Policy Advocacy), and (Regional Research & Resolves), the Central Florida Partnership is moving "Ideas to Results."

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