Regional Issues Impact Analysis

To learn more about each Regional Issue, "click" on the Regional Issue in the Illustration below;
by so doing, you will be able to review the "Notes & Notations" of each Regional Work Group,
compiled at "A Regional Gathering"-Moving "Ideas to Results," held on March 20 & 21, 2012,
at the Mission Inn Resort, in Howey-in-the-Hill, FL."

Impact Analysis

The above illustration showcases the results of the "Regional Issues Impact Analysis," showing Which Regional Issues Have the Greatest Impact on the Others?  This exercise was completed at "A Regional Gathering" - Moving "Ideas to Results," Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20 & 21, 2012, at the Mission Inn Resort, located in Howey-in-the-Hills, FL, hosted by the Central Florida Partnership and supported by the Central Florida Regional Caucus; twenty-nine (29) community-based organizations working together in support of our "family of communities."

During "A Regional Gathering" - Moving "Ideas to Results," participants spent time analyzing each of the ten (10) Regional Issues, using the Six (6) Steps to Civic Innovation, presented and included in the Central Florida Regional Workbook; the ten (10) Regional Issues initially identified as critical to "Building a Prosperous and Livable Region" were also included in the Workbook, and an eleventh Regional Issue was added during the shared conversations, in response to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.

After each Regional Issue was discussed by the Work Groups, they were presented to everyone "in the room," and participants were asked Which Regional Issue Has the Greatest Impact on the Others?  Using a "Source Profile Analysis," which involved "Paired Comparisons," each Regional Issue was compared to the others, resulting on an "Impact Analysis" of each Regional Issue; in the process, participants identified "Source Dilemmas." 

Once again, following the process, by focusing on the "Source Dilemmas," the Central Florida Community will be able to create "exponential leverage," helping to address the other Regional Issues.

The results of the "Impact Analysis" are consistent with the conversations in each Work Group, as many struggled to reach consensus as to how we should advance each Regional Issue.  If we’re not in agreement on "Who We Are" (Local) and if, at the core, we don’t understand the values that are most important to us, addressing other Regional Issues like Investing in People, Solving Chronic Homelessness, and Developing an Effective "Civic Infrastructure" will be more difficult, if not impossible.

Too, having a clear Understanding of Our Responsibilities will have a great impact on our ability of Highlighting Race Relationships & Diversity, Ensuring a Regional Water Supply Plan, or Agreeing on "Who We Are" (World); and investing in a Regional Transportation System will have great impact on Building a Regional Economy and Reducing Poverty.

For questions about "A Regional Gathering" - Moving "Ideas to Results," or the Central Florida Regional Caucus, please contact Mark Brewer, President of the Community Foundation of Central Florida, Inc., Chair of the Central Florida Regional Caucus at 407.872.3050, Ext. 17, or via email at; or Shelley Lauten, President of at 407.835.2444, or via email at


Investing in People Understanding Our Responsibilities Investing in a Regional Transporation System Enuring a Regional Water Supply Plan Reducing Poverty Building an Effective Civic Infrastructure Building a Regional Economy Solving Chronic Homlessness Improve Race Relations