Regional Service Area

Regional Service Area

The Central Florida Partnership has been established as a collaborative of business and civic leaders committed to procuring a better tomorrow for Central Florida's seven counties - Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia.

The Central Florida Partnership is charged with the responsibility to promote, provide for, and protect our future.

If we are unwilling to take decisive action while we have the chance, we will watch as our community perishes. We will watch the world's great regions move forward as we move backward. And we will watch as the economic vitality and quality of life in Central Florida are destroyed.

Beneath the weight of increasing crime, disastrous congestion, and a compromised educational system - to name just a few - Central Florida is witnessing a unique opportunity. Will we wait for the tides of change to come to our shores? Or will we be willing to rise up and seek the solutions to our own problems?


"Over four million more people are projected to move into Central Florida in the coming years. This will create a serious strain on our infrastructure and regional services and threaten our great quality of life unless we take decisive
action now."

Kelley Mossburg
President & Corporate General Manager, Schenck Company