The Central Florida Partnership Team is comprised of exceptional individuals dedicated to its four lines of business: Orlando, Inc. (Entrepreneurship), BusinessForce (Public Policy), (Regional Research) and Leadership Orlando (Regional Leadership). Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.Central Florida Partnership

Management Team
Jacob Stuart Scott Fagan Jose Fajardo
Jacob V. Stuart
(407) 835-2517
Twitter: @JacobCFLP
Scott P. Fagan
Chief Financial Officer
(407) 835-2454
Twitter: @ScottCFLP
José Fajardo
Executive Vice President
Orlando, Inc.
(407) 835-2513
Twitter: @JoseORLCC
Mike Kethcum Ruth Mustian Kristine Vorpagel
Michael L. Ketchum
Vice President, Public Policy
Central Florida Partnership
Vice President, Advocacy 
Orlando, Inc.
President, BusinessForce
(407) 835-2464
Twitter: @MikeCFLP
Ruth Z. Mustian
Leadership Orlando
Director of Communications,
Central Florida Partnership
(407) 835-2441
Twitter: @RuthCFLP
Kristine Vorpagel
Chief of Staff
(407) 835-2531
Twitter: @KristineCFLP
Amanda Muley Evelynn Martin  
Amanda Muley
Director of Investor Relations
(407) 835-2512
Twitter: @AmandaFLP
Evelynn Martin
Director of Marketing
and Communications
(407) 835-2520
Twitter: @EvelynnCFLP
Sales Team
Danielle Gulasa LIsa Booth Ric Castro
Danielle Gulasa
Director of Business Development
(407) 835-2444
Twitter: @DanielleCFLP
Lisa Booth
Business Development Manager
(407) 835-2469
Twitter: @LisaORLCC
Ric Castro
Business Development Manager
(407) 835-2509
Twitter: @RicORLCC
Kathy Cole Joe Horan Dena Sandy
Kathleen M. Cole
Director of Membership Investment
(407) 835-2537
Twitter: @KathyORLCC
Joe Horan
Business Development Manager
(407) 835-2442
Twitter: @JoeORLCC
Dena Sandy
Business Development Manager
(407) 835-2490
Twitter: @DenaORLCC
Project Team
Demitra Campbell Pam Clancy Maria Diaz Bordon
Demitra Campbell
Project Assistant
(407) 835-2532
Twitter: @DemitraORLCC
Pam Clancy
Project Assistant
(407) 835-2486
Twitter: @PamCFLP
Maria Diaz-Bordon
Community Liaison
(407) 835-2501
Twitter: @MariaCFLP
Liz Froebig Nancy Graham April Richardson
Liz Chiarello
Accounting Coordinator
(407) 835-2494
Twitter: @LizCFLP
Nancy Graham
Community Liaison
(407) 835-2535
Twitter: @NancyCFLP
April Richardson
Project Assistant
(407) 835-2530

Twitter: @DanielleCFLP
Support Team
Chad Osburn Randy Woodall Mike Kethcum

Chad Osburn
Art Director
(407) 835-2455
Twitter: @ChadCFLP

Randy Woodall
Director of Information Technology
(407) 835-2489
Twitter: @RandyCFLP
Lisa Winkelbauer
Director of Events
(407) 835-2448
Twitter: @LisaCFLP