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Mission Statement

The Central Florida Transportation Task Force mission is to assemble and resource regional business champions to establish and advance the most influential shortlist of regional transportation projects and strategies. With the help of the Board of Directors and lines of business of the Central Florida Partnership, the Task Force will ensure globally relevant measures, best approaches to engaging a broad civic community in action and tracking success, and success in messaging and advocacy. Read more...

Task Force Chair's Message

November 24, 2015

Sean DeMartino
As we approach the mid-point of our Task Force assignment, I want to recognize the commitment of all our members and careful preparations of our expert speakers. The infrastructure projects are often vast in scale and multijurisdictional in scope. We are pushing the boundaries of traditional task force subject matter by insisting on understanding transportation modalities from “sidewalks to spacewalks.”
Central Florida Transportation Task Force Response to Request for Comments, Beyond Traffic/2045 – October 13, 2015
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