Turning the Page

“New Regional Priorities”

Board Now Turns its Attention to Tactical Planning and Implementation

In late 2012, the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Partnership, chaired by Aaron Gorovitz, commissioned an effort to carry out the re-alignment and re-establishment of Regional Priorities. This project, called “Turning the Page”, was guided by a volunteer Leadership Council and chaired by Orlando Magic CEO, Alex Martins. It was designed to ensure that future actions are data-driven and based on sound, reliable research, from a regional perspective.  Since that time, the Leadership Council has continuously diversified and deepened participation to ensure a thoughtful Prospectus would be delivered to the full Board of Directors. Our commitment to transparency and diversity of participation is represented here in the “Turning the Page” Portal.

Leadership Council’s Prospectus Received

On August 21, 2013, the following Motions were proposed to the Board: Motion 1 - The Central Florida Partnership Board of DirectorsCFP Leadership Council Prospectus cover receives the Leadership Council’s Prospectus, dated August 21, 2013, as the final report out of the “Turning the Page” process and, by doing so, it signals the completion of the work the Leadership Council was commissioned to perform; and, Motion 2 - The Central Florida Partnership Board of Directors adopts the Regional Priorities as identified in the “Turning the Page” Prospectus, and will begin a process, starting today, to prioritize, develop business plans, identify partners, and develop milestones so that we may produce tangible benefits for the Central Florida Region in the months and years to come.

After months of work, the Partnership is now ready to advance the updated Regional Priorities of the Central Florida Partnership.  With the encouragement of Partnership Chair Gorovitz and Council Chair Martins*, along with every member of the Leadership Council; the Board of Directors of the Central Florida Partnership unanimously accepted the Prospectus and adopted the identified Regional Priorities.



Following this unanimous acceptance by the Board of Directors, the “Turning the Page” Portal is now complete. Please take the opportunity to review the final materials, such as the Leadership Council Prospectus and the current Milestone Timeline planning document, as well as other materials developed through the process in the Progress/Documents section of the Portal.

Board of Directors' Action for September

At the September 2013 Board of Directors Meeting, a preliminary report of action taken over the first thirty (30) days will be set out. For questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Gorovitz or Mr. Jacob Stuart, President of the Central Florida Partnership, since the goal to successfully advance these newly adopted Regional Priorities will only be possible with your continued support and leadership.

Thanks to the over 650 leaders who participated in the “Turning the Page” process.

*Mr. Martins delivered the following statement to the Board of Directors at their August 21, 2013 meeting.

"I did not want to let this important day pass without thanking the Board for the confidence you placed in the Leadership Council and me. We hope you will take advantage of the insights over 650 leaders have provided about the future of our Region. We hope you will receive our Prospectus knowing that our Council members have the highest confidence in its content. The best thing you can do for the seven counties of Central Florida is to continue to follow through on the Partnership’s promise of taking “Ideas to Results”. Regional Priorities have served us well in the past and they will do even more for us in the future. I thank the members of the Council for their dedication, patience, and commitment to listening. I know I speak for all of them when I indicate our interest in moving forward with enthusiasm and commitment.”

Alex Martins
Chair - Leadership Council